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Cooperation and Development Network (CDN)
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In the previous years the cooperation between Green Youth organizations in Eastern Europe was limited and mostly connected to seminars, study sessions and others. The idea born in spring 2002 to gather Young Greens from all over Eastern Europe under the same umbrella and to support their development, political work and cooperation, was brought to light by the first meetings of eastern European young greens during the summer seminar on Sustainable Development in Serbia.

The enthusiasm and energy we experienced there was extraordinary. Therefore with the support of European Umbrella for Young Greens and the Green Forum the second meeting took place during the Federative Council of the Federation of Young European Greens. The development of independent international cooperation structure that will organize a number of cooperation projects in the following years turned to be the central point of interest of the participants.

In December 2002 CDN became reality and with support from Green Forum we developed our communication tools and public presentation tools in January 2003. We have met for first time officially as a network in February, 14-16, in Belgrade. This meeting was followed up with the very successful first Council meeting of the Network that took place in Ohrid Macedonia from 20th to 22nd of June 2003.

That certain Network meeting in Ohrid was very important for the development of our organization. At this meeting we basically defined all organizational issues: the CDN Statutes and the CDN Political Platform were decided, the Executive Committee has been elected, the logo, the headquarters, the accounts and the action plan for 2003-2004 were discussed and decided as well. This meeting was supported by the Green Forum Foundation from Sweden, too, and their representative Marie Utter joined us this time as well as she brought lots of positive energy and experience with any organizational issues.

The 3rd Network Meeting of CDN was held from 27th – 29th of May 2005 in Bitola, Macedonia. This meeting gathered 14 people from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Germany and Sweden. The delegates and guests have had very good discussions, workshops and decision-making sessions that have manage to improve our basic documents (Political Platform and Statutes) in a very pleasant atmosphere. They decided on the new member organizations and the executive committee, on the new logo, the working plan and the budget and they gave plenty of ideas for the future work of CDN.

CDN is at this moment a project based organization and aims to become an organization with a regular running budget in the future. The support from Council of Europe and other international foundations is needed in this area to be further developed.
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